About Me

Hi, my names Jesse and I have a burning desire to do something big.

Since leaving School in 2012, I’ve had a want to do something different.

To do something great. That want, although it took years, eventually turned into a need, a burning desire.

A little bit about my journey so far

In 2012, I got a job as a sales representative. It was the worst job ever but taught me so much and helped build the foundations for where I was headed. Commuting 3 hours a day to knock on 300+ doors trying to sell security alarms. It wasn’t an ideal situation but it taught me persistence and to never take ‘NO’ as an acceptable excuse to give up. This is where it all started.

Then it was off to University. I hated it! Sounding pretty good so far, right? I would only show up when I absolutely had to and never quite understood why I was there. Looking back at it now, I only went because it was expected and it’s what all my friends were doing. While I was there I discovered the first signs of really wanting to be something more. It got to the point where I had identified a niche market in my area.

The idea of a Lifestyle magazine that would be distributed around the community freely as a ‘coffee table’ magazine came to mind. Having pretty much failed English and having absolutely no knowledge on how a magazine worked, I decided to drop out of university and pursue my new career in publications.

Being only 20 years old when I started the magazine, I had to learn pretty quickly how all the different components of running a business worked, it was a very steep learning curve. With all this learning there was another aspect that was taking it’s toll, I lacked the motivation. See, being that age comes with distractions – a social life, technology, pursuing relationships and in the end I let them take over. Looking back now that was a huge mistake, the magazine had huge potential but I wasn’t ready. This ultimately lead to its failure and forced me to move on to my next chapter. While I say that the magazine failed I did still manage to publish 2 editions, so it wasn’t a complete fail.

At the time, I was lucky enough to have an escape offered by an advertising agency who wanted to take me on as their Business Development Coordinator seeing my skills in bringing on advertisers for the magazine. Which grew into an Account Manager role over the course of a year.

Which leads me to this year, 2017, the main focus of this blog. After having a very negative year in 2016, which I will occasionally talk about 2017 has been the complete opposite. On the 22nd of January, something clicked. I don’t quite know what changed but from that day forward I have focused on success. It’s the day that the need to become something great became my passion, my burning desire and since that day everything has changed.

My Journey With Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with Colitis towards the end of 2012, although I actually had it for a full year prior to that before telling anyone (big mistake).

I have Ulcerative Colitis. In fact, I have had extreme Ulcerative Colitis. For those who don’t know what it is, look it up. I had it for a full year before I told anyone and because of that it took about 6 more years to get an actual handle on.

I’ve dreamt of being able to not only motivate people but to motivate those people who do have chronic illnesses and show them that shits not over because you have it a little harder then others. It’s the main reason why I focus on excuses because in my eyes, whether I like it or not, sickness is an excuses. The world will not stop because I have this.

I will never be able to help people with the physical side of illnesses, I don’t have a curer or a diet that will get rid of it but I do believe I have mastered positive mentality. It took me 5 years to figure out the ‘why’. ‘Why’ is this happening to me. ‘Why’ can’t I eat these foods, etc,etc. It took me 5 years to move past that stage.

Now, I’m at a stage where I want to help.

If you’re someone who has a similar story or has an opportunity to work together – shoot me an email.