I’m Going To Finish Even If It Takes All Day


If you want to get ahead in life you need to get comfortable with pushing yourself through tasks even when you feel like having a break. Winners make a habit out of working regardless and only finishing when they’re finished. 

It’s like the saying goes:

Sleep when you’re done, not when you’re tired.

So far it’s taken me a total of 2 hours to think of an idea to write about. 

It hasn’t been my morning. I’ve successfully procrastinated it away and have seriously struggled to come up with a topic.

I’ve walked around aimlessly. I’ve played with my dog. I’ve let my mind wander.

It’s just one of those days but I won’t let it beat me.

No matter how long it takes me to write this article, it will get done today.

Another hour on and I’ve managed to get my focus back and have began writing the article. I could have easily put today in the ‘write off’ pile and tried again tomorrow but that’s a dangerous trap.

The thing about tomorrow is that it’s always one day away. You can’t catch it. 

Never put something off till tomorrow if you can do it today. Otherwise it will never get done.

I’ve written before about how the days you have plans, are the days that matter most. They’re the days that show true dedication. If you have some kind of social event that will last all day and you wake up earlier so you can get your work done before hand, then you’re the kind of person who will get somewhere in life. But if you wake up with a mindset that it’s okay to miss that day, then you’re going to lose momentum and won’t achieve your goals. The second you start making up excuses is the second you lose.

Today, is also a day that counts. The day where you wake up with no motivation. The day where you wish you could just watch movies all day. These count and they add up. If I had a dollar for everyday I’ve woken up unmotivated in 2018, I could probably buy one scope of ice cream. Regardless, those days had the potential to ruin everything I’ve worked for.

Which brings me back to the saying:

Sleep when you’re finished, not when you’re tired.

If you want to get ahead, you need to be willing to work no matter how you feel. 



  1. This is a motto my father always told me and I raised my children the same way. If you start something you finish it. If you start a session of soccer, you finish it. You don’t have to sign up next year, but you have to finish this year. 3 out of my 4 children finished high school, the 4th and youngest is working on her GED while raising a 2 year old and pregnant. I have had the hardest time instilling my work ethic to her. After all, that is what it is all about, work ethic, and that is the one thing that the current 20 something generation lack.

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