Have You Given Up On Your New Years Resolution? Read This Now

New Years Resolution

We’re now one month into 2018 and judging by statistics, 40% of people have given up on their New Years Resolution.

Almost half the people who set out to take control of 2018 have already failed.


Because the majority of New Years Resolutions are hollow.

They lack depth.

They lack a why.

Before the New Year, I wrote a post about the traps of setting a New Years Resolution. I explained how pointless they are and why so many people fail. I’m going to sum that whole article up in 1 quote.

If you can put a goal off until a certain day, you don’t really want it.

Think about that.

If you had a goal that you seriously wanted to achieve, you wouldn’t need a special day to start and that’s why so many people fail to reach their New Years Resolution. They’re just doing it because everyone else is doing it. All they want is to be able to write a Facebook post about how ‘this year will be their year’ or ‘new year, new me’ and all that other bullshit people get caught up in. If you’ve already quit your New Years Resolution, I’ll make a bet that’s exactly why you set one. You’ll say it was due to other reasons but i’ll still bet that’s it.

You just wanted to follow the pack.

You Need A Why

To expand on the top, you need a why.

New Years Resolutions are hollow. They lack a why.

If you’re going to set a goal for the sake of setting a goal, is not a sufficient why. If this is as deep as your reasoning, you will quit. You will get over the process, you will get pissed off with the amount of time it takes and eventually quit.

You have to love the process and to love the process, you need a why.

why is something that fuels you. It’s what gets you up everyday and it’s what turns that goal from a want to a NEED.

Let me give you the most extreme example I can think of:

Someone who’s been overweight for majority of their life is constantly setting New Year Resolutions. Every year they set the goal of losing weight and becoming healthy. 

It’s just come to the 5th year of them setting that goal and nothings changed. They’re missing a why. See, saying they want to lose weight to become healthy will never be enough because it’s so open ended.

Now consider that during the year, they start to have serious health problems and through a series of events, they’re told if they don’t lose weight they will die.

They now have their why.

After hearing that, they’re going to become fitter than any of us.

Here’s another point – You can’t just say you’re going to do something because you think you should do it. Of course that person wanted to lose weight and of course they knew they should but that’s not always enough. Sometimes you need that push.

Now that’s a really extreme case but you can see the importance of having that why. I’ll also point out that that’s not always the case. Sometimes the want to just get healthy is enough, sometimes it isn’t. No one can decide what your why is. You have to do that.

Goals Take Time

The next reason behind so many failures with New Years Resolutions is:

Great things take time.

People set these goals under the impression that they can be done within the year. When more often than not, they take 3, 5, 10 years to achieve. This becomes apparent a month or 2 in and they quit because in their mind it’s impossible or it can’t be done, when in reality it just takes a long time.

Doing anything worth doing takes time and approaching your goals with a short term mindset means you will fail.

Set A Goal Not A New Years Resolution

Setting a goal for the right reasons is what separates the people who will achieve it and the people who don’t.

Just so we’re clear, setting a goal for the sake of having a New Years Resolution is the wrong reason. I challenge anyone to argue that.

Setting a goal because it’s your burning desire is the right reason.

But there’s a trick, often people set goals that they think they’re capable of or it’s what they think they should do or worse yet, it’s what other people want from them.

If you’re going to set a goal, it needs to be exactly what you want in life. It’s needs to be your passion and it needs to be your one thing.

If you need help with setting goals, read this post.



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