9 Tips That Helped Me Survive My First Burnout

Surviving My First Burnout

Now that i’m finally coming out the other end of my most recent burnout, I wanted to share the effects that it’s had on my momentum and provide some tips and tricks that helped me get out of it.

For the first time in a year I decided to take 2 days completely off from any work. I didn’t respond to any emails. I didn’t write any content and I ignored all phone calls.

To say I was a little anxious is an understatement but I knew why I was doing it. I had to get out of my burnout. I wasn’t making any progress. In fact, I was going backwards and fast.

At the beginning of 2017, I decided to relentlessly chase my goals. Being completely new to this kind of thinking I naively thought I could do it 24/7. So I did. For 1 year.

Until about 2 weeks ago. When I crashed. 

I began to notice that my days were full of procrastination and distractions, to the point that it took me 6 hours to write one blog post. For comparison, it normally takes me about 1.5 hours.

I kept pushing because I was listening to motivational speakers and doing what they say. They tell you to work everyday, all day, no matter how tired or run down you get. Which is all well and good  except it doesn’t actually work like that and majority of the top speaks take time off. Take Gary Vaynerchuck for example, he doesn’t work weekends. I’m a huge fan of him and his work but you can’t always take what he says literally. He exaggerates to make a point.

But I took what the top speakers were preaching and worked everyday, all day, for a year and when I burnt out I finally gave in and took a break.

Now that it’s been a day after my break I can see how badly I needed one and even though it was just a little one, it’s done the trick for now….

Before I cover the tricks I used I want to show you what a burnout can do to your momentum so you can see how urgently it needs to be addressed if you’re ever in that situation.

Medium – Stats rapidly decreased

Medium Burnout

Instagram – Stats rapidly decreased

Instagram Burnout

Blog – Stats slightly down

Blog Burnout

As you can see I didn’t just lose momentum. I went backwards and I needed to get out of the rut, quickly, if I didn’t want to go further backwards. So I focused on 9 tips that helped me get there, with 1 of the tips actually making 99% of the difference. Once I’ve gone through the tips, there will be no more posts on burnouts as it’s time to move forward and start working on building up momentum again.

The 9 Tips To Get Your Mojo Back

1. Change Your Environment

It might be as simple as just changing your environment, maybe that means changing the look of your work space or maybe that means going on a trip. For me, I’ve planned a trip to Thailand. While it’s a chance to have a break I’ll still be working almost everyday, it will just be an opportunity to do it from a different country.

2. Listen To Motivational Videos

This has always worked really well for me.

When I start to lose motivation, I’ll listen to motivational speeches while I work. This always re-sparks the light and gives me the ability to keep pushing. Just note it doesn’t solve the long-term issue of a burnout but it does motivate me to finish all my work for the day.

I use Youtube to find good videos and always seem to come back to this video.

3. Schedule Breaks

Whether it’s everyday or once a week, at some point you will need a break. It’s best to work out when you work best throughout the day and plan your break in a period where you generally don’t work at 100%.

In saying this, a break shouldn’t take up too much time. Put an hour aside throughout the day where you go and read or exercise or even just go for a drive. Whatever relaxes you, schedule some time. As long as it gets you away from your work and allows you to recharge.


The most important point and if you struggle with doing the others, just do this one. As a minimum, you need to be reading your goals as soon as you wake up and once you go to bed.

I also have my main goal plastered essentially anywhere I spend time during the day. At my desk, near my bed and even in my wallet. You need to be constantly reminded of why you’re doing all of this.

6. Back To Basics – Plan

Like Scheduling breaks you need to plan out your day. I found when I was going through the burnout I stopped planning and just winged the day, which resulted in much of my momentum being lost.

Take it back to the 15 minute intervals, plan the day before and stay consistent.

8. Scare Yourself – The One That Worked For Me

This one worked instantly and is the reason I’m not in that burnout anymore. What you’re going to do is expose yourself to the kind of person you’re working so hard not to be. That thing you used to be and have worked day in and day out to get away from.

This is what I chose to do because I wanted to get out of my rut as quickly as possible.

So how did I do it?

For the past year, I have quit drinking and have sworn off any partying. I just don’t enjoy it but I had a period where I would do it every night. 2 nights ago I revisited that lifestyle in hopes that it would be used as a release and I could get back on track.

But it ended up serving another purpose.

It reinforced the reason why I’ve made all these changes and showed my the person I never want to be again.

Strange, I know but it worked really well and now I’m getting back on track.

It turns out, sometimes all you need is a good shake and a scare to fix the issue.

9. Above all – Keep Pushing

If you’re ever going to achieve your goals, you need to keep pushing. There are always going to be ups and downs and if you thought it was going to be easy, you’re going to be constantly shocked. It it were easy, it would be boring. The ups and downs of chasing your goals are what make the journey fun.

Just remember that anyone who has ever achieved anything has experienced burnout as well, they just knew they had to keep pushing.

Who knows. Maybe this burnout means your goal is just around the corner.


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