Somebody Hates You But Why Do You Care?

Someone hates You

No matter how good you’re doing, how nice you are or how good you feel about yourself.

Someone can’t stand you. Someone despises you. Someone hates you.

I’m no different. I have a long (very long) list of people who don’t like me. Some have very good reasons and some have never said a word to me.

That’s just life.

I’ve never put any effort into worrying about who hates me or why they hate me. It’s the most pointless way to spend your time. If someone hates you, don’t spend any time thinking about it. Just eliminate them from any aspect of your life. You’ve got better things to spend your time on than worrying why that person you’ve never spoken to before told that other person that they don’t like you.

Who cares?!

I’ve also never had a problem with making people hate me based off my actions. If I want to do something, I’ll do it regardless of what people think or how they’ll respond.

This is something everyone needs to learn and become comfortable with.

At a job I once had, there was one person who hated me. She never said it but I could tell and I knew why (Secretly, it made the days fun).

When I first got offered the job I was asked to come in for a meeting to introduce myself and to meet my bosses.

The meeting included the CEO, which meant the CEO’s assistant was setting up the meeting.

When the meeting was set, I put the time and date in my calendar and waited for the day to arrive.

Three days prior to our meeting I got a call.

It was the assistant.

“Hi Jesse, everyone is here waiting for you. How long will you be?”

My heart sunk and my stomach churned! This is not the call anyone ever wants.

“Our meeting isn’t for 3 more days”

At this stage I’m freaking out. It’s in my calendar. I put it in there. I didn’t get this wrong.

“No, it’s for today at 9:00am”

After a bit of back and forth, we rescheduled and I felt horrible.

I knew I didn’t have it wrong but what could I do? She’s the CEO’s assistant. I thought I had to swallow this one and take it on the head.

After a bit of time I thought ‘Screw that, I’m not taking the blame’.

I wasn’t going to look bad because of someone else’s mistake.

So I called the CEO.


After it was all sorted out and I had started my job, I could tell the assistant hated me.

I know, not a good spot to be in but there was no way I was going to look like an idiot because of someone else’s mistake.

No matter who it upset.

There’s Always One

All through life, you’re going to have people judging you based off your decisions and wasting anytime worrying about those people is the stupidest thing you could ever do.

Focus On Whats In Front Of You

I recently wrote about this but I want to touch on it again.

When people hate you they tend to talk behind your back. Spreading rumours, bitching, gossiping.

This is exactly what happened at the job I mentioned but the thing was it never fazed me. If it wasn’t said to my face it wasn’t worth my time.

Stop focusing on whats behind you and start looking forward

There’s a reason why they’re doing it BEHIND your back and that’s because you’re ahead of them.

Your actually making progression and they’re jealous as shit!

Remember Why You’re Doing This

To know you’re not the only one that has people who hate them is reassuring but it’s important to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Bring it back to your goals.

Never lose sight of the journey. Don’t get caught up in all the crap that jealous people will throw at you.

You’ve got something you want to achieve.

If you ever start getting caught in a situation where you’re thinking about who hates you and why, read out your goals and spend some time imagining yourself having already achieved your goals. It really helps put into perspective how little it matters compared to the end goal.



  1. I believe that in 6 you meant replace TV with books. Or was this to wake up the reader? Thanks for the list. Very good advice. Without diminishing your points, I would add to always respect other people, and to do everything that you can to support the success of others without being concerned with getting credit. It will come back to you 1,000 times from every direction and you will rise together.

  2. I thought this list was pretty solid advice. I’d add in a point about some form of physical activity, such as taking a walk or yoga. You’d be amazed how that can help clear up the clutter in your brain. I’d also add in staying hydrated! Overall great read.

    • 100% and I’ve actually only just started to notice how important it actually is these past 2 weeks. I started doing a bit of physical activity. Just 3 times a week and my energy levels have improved so much!

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