Shift Your Mindset To Look Forward To Tasks Not Days

Shift Your Mindset

If you decide that you’re going to chase your goals then you’ve got a lot of changes you need to make.

One of those changes is sacrificing in order to put your goals first.

The other is learning to love all the sacrifices you need to make in order to reach your goals.

In amongst those sacrifices you need to include days off. Meaning that weekends need to be shifted from relaxing days to days that you make the most damage.

I recently met a guy who actively shares how he ‘loves’ Mondays. When I was first introduced to him it was a Sunday. He was drinking beer while watching sport.

At some point throughout the day I overheard him say:

“I love Mondays”

I turned around and look at him sitting on the couch, beer in hand, sport on the TV.

Now he was obviously saying this to give off the impression that he loves his work and can’t wait to get back to it.

I found it really hard to believe given what he was doing and how he spends his weekend.

Have you ever heard the quote:

You can fool 99% of people but you’ll never fool the 1%

This was one of those situations.

He didn’t love mondays at all, he was using it as a way to seem better than everyone else.

Shift Your Mindset

You need to stop looking at Saturdays and Sundays as days off

“You have 40 hours in a work week and 48 hours on a weekend” – Richard Branson

Even if you spend the week working a full time job, you could work just as much on your side project over Saturday and Sunday.

These are not days to relax. These are the days to work.

Need more convincing?

Don’t forget that these are days that everyone else has off. 

If you add it up, you can gain 104 days on everyone else just by shifting your mindset and approaching Saturdays and Sundays as days you can make some serious damage.

I’m going to be honest, it took me years to get this through my head.

I would party all weekend, spend the next day hungover and watch movies every night after work.

I knew I wanted something more but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice fun or progression.

It was dumb but I was young (being 24, people would say I’m still young), I wanted to have fun and had other priorities. Goals just didn’t make the list.

Don’t get me wrong I believe everyone needs those wild years. Where you get everything out of your system. I also believe that I learnt a lot more during those years than I give credit for but at some point you need to bring it in, give it up and work on something more worthwhile.

Be Excited For Tasks NOT Days

There’s only one day out of the whole year that I look forward to and that’s Christmas Eve.

It’s the best day of the year and I would happily give up my birthday for it.

Apart from that, I look forward to specific tasks, not specific days of the week.

You need to shift your mindset to be task driven not day driven.

If you look forward to Fridays, you need to change.

If you look forward to Mondays, you need to change

If you look forward to any day during the week, you need to change.

How Do You Do This?

It’s actually a lot easier than you think and it’s a really simple process that people often over complicate. So I’m going to go through the process of explaining, very briefly, how you can shift your mindset to be task orientated.

1. Stop Working On Goals You Don’t Want.

Working on goals that you think you’re capable of or that other people want from you, will result in failure every time.

If you’re going to set goals make sure they’re exactly what YOU want. Nothing less.

2. Set A Task Daily That Gets You Closer To That Goal.

Every day.

Seven days a week.

Set some kind of task that gets you closer to your goal.

For me it’s easy.

Everyday I write, which is great because I love writing and sharing my thoughts.

For others, some of the days might not be so enjoyable but if you’ve set the right goal it will be worth it and you’ll still want to do it.

These tasks will help keep you on track during your journey and if you’re lucky, like me, you’ll look forward to them.

3. Plan Your Day Around That Task Not That Task Around Your Day

This is where it starts to get hard and people give up.

From now on, these tasks get priority over everything.

I don’t care what you want to do that day. Whether it’s a birthday party, family event, breakfast with a friend. If it stands in the way of your daily tasks it either gets rescheduled or cancelled.

No exceptions. You have a goal, it’s time to make sacrifices.

4. Do This EVERY DAY

You can have time off, not days off.

There’s a huge difference.

Having time off means a couple of hours.

Having days off will result in you stopping all together. I promise, if you have days off, you will never get back into the rhythm and all momentum will be lost.

It’s really simple to shift your mentality from day orientated to task oriented but like anything, you need to stay consistent from a long amount of time.

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