Stop Looking Backwards by Eliminating This 1 Thing From Your Life


Look ahead

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told by someone that ‘people are talking behind your back’?

I know I have, multiple times (all the time).

Except I used to take it to heart a lot more. I would spend days, sometimes even weeks trying to figure out why the hell they would say those mean things. Why me? Why are they picking on me?

Sound familiar because I was constantly in this boat…

But here’s a little piece of advice – Stop looking backwards. There’s a reason why they’re doing it behind your back, because you’re ahead of them! All that matters in what’s ahead not what’s happening behind you.

I first want to tell you that I’ve never really followed the pack in whatever I’ve done. I’ve always been different and liked doing exactly what I wanted to do without worrying about the repercussions (people bitching). If you’re reading this I’m going to take a guess and say you’re the same. So, I’ve felt exactly how you feel. I’ve had groups of people bitching about me, rejecting me, blah, blah all that stuff and I’m telling you now stop paying attention! If someone feels the need to bitch behind your back that means 2 things:

  1. You’re making progress.
  2. They’re jealous as shit.

There is literally no other reason, so stop over thinking it. Turn around and keep running towards your goals.


Once you’ve reached this stage, you have to deal with one more issue in order to focus on what’s ahead and not what’s behind.

Those ‘friends’ who feel the need to tell you everything people are saying, aren’t actually helping what-so-ever. You need to tell them that you don’t want to hear it anymore.

I went through a stage where I made a habit out of focusing on this. My approach was whenever someone began to tell me a rumour or something said about me, I either zoned out and made it obvious I’d zoned out, cut them off half way and told them I didn’t care or walked away. They might think they’re helping but their not, so let them know.

Actually, you know what. This goes for gossip in general. Get that shit out of your life. It’s the biggest blood sucking, disgusting thing anyone can engage in. It offers no value and more often than not, hurts people.

If you want to make progress you can’t be looking behind yourself.

Tomorrow, I’ll be writing a follow up post to this one covering one more important step that needs to be taken in eliminating you from looking behind yourself. So stay tuned!

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