Let Your Personality Shine – The Importance Of Being You

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There’s always a way you want to act and a way you think you should act. When in actual fact (yeah, I rhyme) they should be the same thing.

The way you want to portray yourself is exactly how you should be perceiving yourself in anything you do. Writing, new business, job…

When I first started my blog, since I was writing in the motivational/professional space, I thought I had to take on that corporate personality. You know, fancy sentences with overcomplicated explanations of everything. When in actual fact this was the exact reason I wasn’t growing.

People can smell bullshit from a mile away and if you’re pretending to be something your not, I guarantee you people can tell and it’s most likely the reason you’re not seeing progress.

No only that but by hiding who you are, you aren’t developing trust with your audience. How can someone truly trust you or trust what you’re saying if you can’t even give them the decency of seeing who you really are?

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘this is how everyone else acts so I should to’.

Being different is your number one tool to separating yourself from the crowd. You can’t be different by acting the same.

Over the past month or so I’ve made a habit of not hiding my characteristics and the results have been huge. Every single one of my social media accounts has at least doubled in size.

I’ve also found that by trying to be something you’re not, you’ll get over doing what ever you’re doing. For example, trying to portray someone who isn’t truly you with a blog will very quickly get boring and you’ll stop.

So, who am I?

For anyone following me on any of my social platforms you would know that I LOVE Disney. Woody, from Toy Story sits on my desk at all times and almost every second one of my photos on Instagram has some kind of Disney character in it.

I also love reading, so I post a lot about the books I’ve been reading.

I’m also not a fan of beating around the bush. I say it straight, without the bullshit.

Some people do get annoyed and I lose followers every time I post but I really don’t care because I know that I’m gaining a lot more by being who I am and not who I think I should be.

Screen shot of some of my Instagram photos

Like I said, you can’t stand out by being the same.

I cannot stress this enough.

Go out there and be exactly who you want to be. I promise you will see better results.

So, who are you….?

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