It’s always your fault, 3 reasons to put the blame on yourself


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If you want to move forward, you need to start taking ownership for everything that happens in your life.

You have to stop blaming other people and put it back on yourself.

Whatever happens to you is ALWAYS your fault.

Over the past year, I’ve made a habit out of putting the blame back on myself when things don’t go as planned. The improvements and progress I have seen over this period have been huge! By taking responsibly, I’m able to better analyse the outcome and learn from my failures. It allows you to ask ‘What can I do differently next time’

There’s a few reason’s why this is a great habit to develop, but for this post I’ll focus on the main three:

1. You’ll take action

If you begin to take responsibility for everything that happens to you, you’ll focus less time on blaming other people and more time on working to solve the issues.

I’m not only talking about big issues but I’m also talking about the little ones. The issues you probably let slide every single day but cause you constant pain.

For example, ‘ I can’t do my bit of the project because I’m waiting on (insert lazy group members name) to complete his ‘. How often do you hear people saying this? Especially with university group projects.

The solution? Do their bit an kick them out of the group.

Don’t ever let someone else hold you back. It sounds harsh but why should you wait around for someone who’s lazy?

I know some people will disagree. Some people will opt for the lovey, fairy way of speaking to them and confronting them with the issue. So that they can be motivated for a day or 2 and then let you down again. So why not skip this step and take charge?

Here’s another example, ‘I can’t move on (insert business activity) because I’m waiting on (employee name)’s email’ Here’s an idea, how about you stand up and walk over to them? The amount of times I’ve heard people are waiting on people who sit 5 meters away from them is insane. Not close to you? Call them. Then call them again and keep going till you have what you need.

Stop waiting for other people because it’s the ‘polite’ thing to do and start taking action.

2. Things will happen a lot quicker

A bit of a build on from the first point but still an important reason. If you start taking responsibility you’ll notice that things take about half the time to get done as opposed to when you sit around relying on everyone else.

You’re able to clearly see what you need to do next and you’ll be able to action it straight away.

3. No one cares about what you’re doing

You can’t expect someone else to care as much about your goals as you do.

If you take complete responsibility for what you’re doing, you’ll get a much higher quality finished product.

This also means, that if someone doesn’t complete a job to the standard that you were expecting, don’t take it personally. Don’t lash out, yell or whatever else you do. They’re working on your goal, not theirs. Don’t expect them to care.

If you want to move towards your goals you have to stop playing the blame game and start taking control of everything that happens to you.

How do you stop yourself from blaming others? 

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