Why you shouldn’t look forward to the weekend



One of the most commonly used phrases I see plastered on all social media platforms when the ‘weekend’ comes around.

What follows next?

An influx of Snapchats of people partying, drinking, relaxing or holidaying. These are coming from the same people who are trying to tell me they’re starting a new business or saving towards buying a house.

So how serious are they?  NOT ONE BIT!

If you’re working for the weekend then you need to change your job. You should never feel a sense of relief once Friday comes around.

I don’t look forward to any specific weekday. I don’t get all jitty when Friday comes around because for me, there is no such thing as a weekend. Only Saturdays and Sundays and, to me, on Saturday and Sunday, you work.

Richard Branson said ‘you have a 40 hour work week and 48 hours on the weekend’ You can literally spend the same amount of time on your goals that you did on your day job, in just 2 days.

Are you working for the weekend?

There’s one more kind of person, one that’s not so common. The person who looks forward to Mondays. But they’re just as bad as the person looking forward to Fridays because they still take the weekend off. They don’t work Saturdays and they don’t work Sundays. They’re no better. Just because you look forward to Mondays, doesn’t grant you the ability to relax all weekend.

You know what time off does? Leaves you behind.

If you truly want something, you’ll want to work on it all the time. You need to develop the mind frame that the weekend is not a time to relax but it’s a time to work, maybe even harder than during the week.

In a world where reaching your goals is everything, there is no such thing as weekends.

I don’t work in weekdays or weekends, I work based off goals and my to-do list. I look forward to things that are coming up. not Mondays or Fridays.

Are you the same?

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