The Struggles of a Blogger

Startup Story

My verdict is bloggers have it tough!

I started blogging about a year ago to see the challenges bloggers face when building their presence and I’ll tell you what, I found plenty!

I started with the idea that I would post twice a week and that would only take a couple of hours. Seems reasonable, do some writing and upload the stories.

Pfffffttt you wish jellyfish. Try every day!

There’s a lot more to blogging then what everyone sees. First I had to set up the website, then pick a template (this alone took almost a week), then customize it to how I liked it (another week just to start) and keep improving it after this I could finally start to write. I could finally start creating content and make my voice heard, but there’s one more key step and it’s by far the hardest.

Growing a blog! Growing a blog had me up every night till at least 1am.

The time I have spent sharing content to social media platforms, liking peoples content, emailing other bloggers in hopes they’ll post my content far outweighs the time I spent writing the actual content.

The return that I was getting was not enough for the effort I was putting in.

I very quickly realized that unless you have thousands of dollars or are prepared to spend your whole income on social media marketing and SEO, then you’re in a bit of a pickle.

This is where comes in (OOOOOOHHH content marketing). Going through this whole process helped prove how needed a platform for travellers and travel bloggers is.

OAKTRAV filters all content by location. Putting the focus back where it should be, on the quality of the content developed. We want all travellers to connect and share their adventures. We want to create a community.

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