5 Must Read Books When Chasing Your Goals


Reading books is one of the most important things you need to be doing when chasing your goals. Books are where you will gain most of your knowledge. They give you the ability to learn from other people’s experiences and in turn allow you to alter your way of life to ensure you keep moving forward.

I used to be the kind of person who would openly tell people how much ‘I hate reading’ I just didn’t see the point. I would have preferred watching TV over reading. If this sounds like you, you need to change.

Every time you find yourself watching TV or scrolling through news feeds on social media, stop and pick up a book.

There’s a saying ‘I would rather buy a book than buy a house, for if I buy a book I can buy multiple houses’. What this means is that the power of knowledge is worth more than anything.

The following 5 books are ones that I have learnt the most from over the past 6 months, while on my journey to success:


Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon HillBooks

This book is the first book I read and it changed my life. If you only read one more book, it should be Napoleon Hill’s ‘ Think and Grow Rich’.

It was suggested to me by a friend about a year ago, at the time I ignored his suggestion but decided to give it a go at the beginning of this year. Once I read it my whole life changed and I guarantee you, yours will too. Just make sure you follow every instruction outlined in the book.

The book was written by Napoleon Hill who analysed 500 of the most successful people at the time, documenting how they made and maintained their success.

The book includes steps to follow in order to gain success and promises that by following them you will reach your goals.

If you follow these steps you will start to see significant improvements in your life.


Creativity, Inc – By Ed CatmullBooks

Written by Ed Catmull the founder and President of PIXAR, the book essentially goes through different techniques used for managing people, successfully.

The book also goes over the challenges people might face when starting a company and how to overcome them. Giving you step-by-step solutions that Ed used when he was faced with them, with a big focus on lack of funding.

It’s a must read for entrepreneurs and future business starters.


How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale CarnegieBooks

 From the title you can tell what the book aims to achieve. It provides you with tips on how to be more likeable and, intern, using that to achieve your goals.

The book looks at the importance of listening, using compliments to get your way and the power of getting people to talk about themselves, by drawing on examples from Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon III and other notable figures.

I’ve experimented with some of the suggestions made by this book and every time I have used them, they’ve worked.

This book is another must read for people who are starting a new business, or if you’re on you’re journey to success, you’ll be able to use the outlined techniques to help you get closer to your goals.


The Facebook Effect – By David KirkpatrickBooks

 For young entrepreneur’s and people who have big goals, this book is a must read. It goes through the journey of Mark Zukerburg and how he started and built Facebook.

It goes through the challenges he faced. From being extremely introverted and how he overcame this as he took on more and more responsibility with his growing company, to the importance of choosing your business partners wisely.

The book also outlines everything that the movie ‘The social network’ left out of the story. Giving you a better understanding of the process in starting a multi billion-dollar company from such a young age.


Unshakeable – By Tony RobbinsBooks

 Unshakeable goes through the importance of investing your money and the different ways to do so.

Although this book is aimed at the American population and being Australian myself, I still found this book extremely helpful.

It educates you on the importance of starting young, outlining how compounding interest works. While also going over just how crippling all the different taxes and payments are (which can essentially eat up 2/3 of your profits, If you’re not careful).

If you’re looking for ways to build your ‘nest egg’ I recommend reading this book.


Other essentials

‘The Virgin Way’ By Richard BransonThe story of how Branson started up his empire and the importance of making employee’s come first.

‘Hooked’ By Nir EyalHow to build habit-forming products and the 4 points of the ‘Hooked’ model.

‘Pull Your Finger Out’ By Craig HarperHow to stop wasting time and start moving towards your goals.

‘Getting Things Done’ By David AllenThe process of eliminating procrastination and maximizing productivity.

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