4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Now

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If you have a goal, it’s time to start pursing it. No more excuses, no more putting it off, right now, make the decision to start.


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It took me 3 years to go from wanting to do something bigger, to actually starting a business and pursuing my goal for something more. It took me 3 whole years to reach the stage of turning my goal into a burning desire. If I had started when I decided on my goal I would be 3 years further than where I am now.

That’s the reality, the longer you wait to take action the further behind you get.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should chase your goals, the answer is yes, you should and here are the 4 main reasons why:

It’s Your Goal

The reason you set a goal is because it’s what you desire.

This is an obvious reason. If you took the time to decide on what you want, then you need to make the decision to go after it. There’s a reason why you made it your goal!

No more sitting on the fence, if you want it go get it, no matter how big or small.

If you’re thinking that your goal is impossible or it’s too large, you’re right! You are only held back by the limitations you put on yourself.

You can do anything you put your mind to. The key is staying motivated and staying persistent. If you can do that, you can do anything.

My FREE ebook ‘The 13 Steps to Success’ will guide you on setting goals and staying on track.

Remember, everything seems impossible until it’s done.

Tomorrow Is Too Late

 No one cares if you can’t start now. The longer you put your goals off, the further everyone gets ahead of you. As I said at the beginning, if I had started when I first decided on my goals, I would be 3 years further ahead.

The longer you put off your goals, the further you will be from reaching success.

It’s critical that as soon as you have decided on your goal, you start planning exactly how you will achieve it. My post on planning will help and again so will my ebook.

It’s also important to remember that you can’t dwell on planning for too long. A lot of people use the planning stage as a reason to put off taking action. Once you know your plan, it’s time to start work. There’s no more waiting, there’s no more excuses, just action.

 There’s no point in developing a plan if you have no intention of acting on it.

 Someone Else Has The Same Idea

Whether your goal is financial, entrepreneur or health related, it’s critical that you start acting with urgency. I know I’ve said it’s important to be patient and it is, good things don’t happen overnight, but that does not give you an excuse to sit back and wait. When I speak about urgency, I mean taking action. I mean getting up and working out at 6am because that’s the time you said you would. I mean cold calling those potential clients NOW, because you know you have to. I mean acting on the things you know you have to do.

From a business perspective, if you have an idea, you need to move now. Not tomorrow, not in a month because ‘right now isn’t a good time’. If you don’t, you can guarantee that someone else has the same idea as you and instead of doing nothing, they’re already moving forward. Maybe you have a unique idea, an invention that no one has thought about before. That’s great! But if you sit around thinking about doing something, at some point someone else will come up with the same idea and they will do something about it.

If you have a goal, act today.

It’s Not Hard

Anyone can come up with an excuse, anyone can have a reason for why now is not a good time but it takes a certain kind of person to act.

People always complain about how hard it is or even worse, they haven’t actually done anything and are already thinking about how hard it’s going to be.

I’m telling you now it takes nothing to start. Starting your goal, or planning your new business is easy. The only reason it’s hard is because you’re making it hard.

If you have a big goal, yes it would be hard to tackle the whole thing at once but you can break it up into smaller, manageable pieces.

I was recently listening to a motivational video on YouTube and one section caught my attention. It said your goal is like a staircase, at the top is your goal and at the bottom is you. Instead of trying to climb all the stairs at once, just look at the first step, then the next and then the next until you have reached your goal.


success, motivation, goals


That first step might be as simple as writing down your idea, and then the next might be calling a potential business partner. If you break down your goal it will be more manageable.

Remember to take your goal on one step at a time, this way you can guarantee achieving it.

 These are the 4 main reasons why you should start chasing your goals today. If you have taken that step, then there cannot be any more excuses and no more putting it off.

Make a promise to yourself to start now.

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