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In my final year of high school, I had a dream to join The Australian Defence Force, it didn’t happen. The next year, I had a dream to run a successful magazine, it failed. In 2016, I had a dream to quit drinking, I didn’t.

Dreams get you nowhere.

Goals do.

There’s a huge difference between a dream and a goal but it’s very easy to identify the difference between the two. One you sort of want and one you need. One has the ability to become reality and one will stay in your head until you decide to act upon it.

A dream is something you only ever wish for. You only ever think about it. You want it but you’re not willing to act, you just hope that the world will eventually hand it to you.

A goal is something you want so badly that you will do anything to achieve it. A goal never seems too big or too hard. A goal is a burning desire.

I used to be a serial dreamer.

I constantly wished for things but never acted on them, expecting things to just happen. For years, I dreamt about being successful, having a big house, cars, money, but it stopped there. I never wanted to take the leap to turn it into reality. I was always too scared, it was too hard or I would ‘do it later’, there was always an excuse, until now. My dreams are now my goals and although only at the beginning of my journey, I’m already seeing positive changes.

It’s time to stop waiting. It’s time to stop expecting the world to hand everything over. You have to wake up, stop dreaming and run after your goals.


The more time you spend wishing for something the longer it will take to become reality. When you see a car you really want, for example. Instead of saying ‘I wish I had that car’ say ‘I’m going to get that car’. That’s the first step. Then, once you’ve decided you’re going to get that car, it’s critical you put a plan in place to get the car and start now. You don’t start tomorrow, you don’t start in a week, a month, a year, you start today.

Ask yourself ‘What am I going to do to achieve my goal?’

You can’t just decide you’re going to turn your dream into a goal and then do the exact same thing you did yesterday. You need to make a change and make a plan.

If you spent the past year partying every weekend, throwing your money at hangovers, it’s time to stop and put that money towards your new goal. If you spend all your spare time watching TV shows, it’s time to stop. If you spend all your money on clothes, it’s time to stop. You made the decision, you made a goal, now it’s time to take action.

Using the same example, if you’ve made the decision that you want that car, set the exact date you want the car and then develop a plan around that date. It may be that you’re going to save 10% of your weekly income for the next 5 years. If you’re going to have a goal, you need a plan.

Once you make a plan, it’s not enough to say you’ll do it, then loosely follow it and expect to reach your goal. You have to stick to it every week, every day, every hour, no matter what. There’s no room for excuses. Once you start using excuses you will become further and further away from your goal.

I’ve developed a system that will help keep you on track.

I created a 3 paged table which you put in a location that you will constantly see, so you’re always reminded of your goal.

The table has 3 columns, which are:

  1. The date or week.
  2. Weekly financial commitments including; bills, how much spending money I will allow myself and how much I will save that week.
  3. Exactly how much I will have in savings if I follow my plan, how much I have in my ‘bills’ account and how much I have invested.

You cross the weeks off as you go through them. The benefit of this is you can literally see how much money you will have saved in 3 months, 6 months and 1 year if you just follow the plan. It will help you visualize your goal already being achieved and motivate you to push as you keep track of your money.

This strategy can be used to work for any goal you choose. The important thing is this technique will help you see that no matter how big a goal is, it can always be broken down and achieved. You just have to be willing to move from wishing for something to running after something.

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27 thoughts on “Turn Your Dreams Into Goals

  1. You have said it all, dreams get people nowhere but goals do! Dreams make you wish, goals make you act! There is a need for a plan when it comes to goals, a dream doesn’t need that. Turn your dreams into goals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I don’t really know: if you cannot remember what the goal is why to bother? I personally make all my plans in my head. That is because I hate lists. Any lists, any reminders. I worked at different high schools for almost 20 years, and it was always charts, lists, tables and meetings. I came to the point when I just couldn’t do anything this way. It’s not that many people will agree with this approach, but I just dislike any daily duties’ lists, weekly schedules and yearly task lists. I believe that most people find it helpful, but about 25 years ago I got in an accident from which I hardly got out alive. After this point everything changed: I am even afraid to plan too much ahead because so far all my plans were totally corrected. Nevertheless, I’m always achieving what I want.
    P. S. You should enable “like” button, too. Lots of people will not leave a comment with all e-mail, etc. stuff.

    1. Hi Inese, Thank you for sharing your views!
      While I don’t agree with these ideas, I can’t argue if they work for you.
      It’s important to find an approach that works for you.

    1. Thank you, Samsta!
      It’s easy to get lost in your dreams and not act. It’s important to take your dreams to the next stage of transforming them into goals.

  3. I really enjoyed your blog and yes, wishes remain wishes without a solid plan to follow. Thanks for providing such a sound and simple plan.

  4. Hi, Jesse. I saw you commented on my blog post from today. You are the first one besides my blogging partner on our site “” to do that. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

    I just read your post about dreams and goals. So timely! I have been talking about starting a business since I registered the name of my the County Clerk’s office in July of 2012. But I finally took action this year.
    This week I am headed to the Jacob Javits center for Book Expo America and Book Con. I am getting ready to see my little dream burst into reality.

    Just wanted to say I appreciated your words. Many of us are not willing to “pay the price” so to speak of pursuing a goal. You don’t get to see the mountaintop view, though, unless you are willing to climb the mountain and fight your fear of heights. I know the fear of what others think (the fear of man that God warns us against) can be such an obstacle at times. When we can break free from that, however, and live for an audience of One, life takes on a new sweetness.

    You used the word “success” in your post. Wonder how you would define what “success” is?

    Peace to you,
    Rachel E. Goldstein

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for your feed back, your story sounds amazing!
      Success is when all the hard work – giving up parties, staying up all night, getting up early, pays off and you finally reach the point where you can sit back and say you have achieved your goals.


  6. Love it. You have to want something more than the air you breathe. You have find the why in your pursuit of your goal. That way nothing and no one will stop you. A little quote I came up with summarizes achieving your goals: “You haven’t tried your best until you have died.” Anything and everything you want out of life is within life. It’s up to you to seize it.

    1. I agree!
      If people have disbelief in your goals, then you know you’re onto something.

  7. Great read!!! A goal is only a wish without a plan. A well detailed plan of action is the only way to achieve our goals. We also have to be consistent and determine to reach what some say are unreachable.

  8. Thank you Jesse for sharing. As I am working through some personal challenges, this was a great reminder to focus on the outcome of the goal, not the dream itself. Obtaining the goal fulfills the dream. You are appreciated!

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